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7:40-8:15                          Pray and begin setting up staff dining room for breakfast.  Help set up dish room and pots & pans areas.  Serve meal out to campers.

8:15-8:25 or 8:30             Sit down to eat.  Yes!  Often just 10-15 minutes/meal to eat!

8:30-10:00                        If your main work assignment is kitchen crew you report to kitchen to assist with meal preparations.  If it is housekeeping crew you and one or two other staff work to accomplish cleaning duties such as emptying garbage cans and re-filling toilet paper in camp restrooms. If it is grounds, you and your crew might work on watering and weeding flowerbeds, mowing lawns or assist with a landscaping project, etc.

If you are on breakfast clean up, you and three to four others will wash dishes, pots and pans and put away lunch food items in the camp kitchen before reporting to your main work assignment.

9:00 - 9:20                         All Staff Devotions.

9:20-11:45                         Work crews return to their assignments.

11:45-12:15                       Help set up staff dining room.  Serve lunch to campers.

12:15-12:30                       Eat lunch.

12:30-2:30                         If you are on lunch clean up, you and four to five others will wash dishes, pots and pans and put away lunch food items in the camp kitchen.

3:00-4:00                           Afternoon break.

2:00-5:00                           Lifeguard crew reports to waterfront (lifeguards often begin their afternoon break earlier than other staff).

4:00-5:15                           Back to your work crew.

5:15-5:45                           Help set up staff dining room.  Serve dinner to campers.

5:45-6:00                           Eat dinner.

6:00-8:00                           If you are on "late shift" this evening you will join four to five others in washing dinner dishes,  pots and pans and cleaning the camp kitchen.

8:00-9:30                           Attend summer staff evening activity.

Whew!  Long day.  It is exhausting--but it’s also doable and rewarding working alongside others who aim to serve God and to help you develop a servant’s perspective toward hard and often un-glamorous work!

There are probably a hundred variations on a “typical” day on summer staff  (on Saturday everyone cleans the camp,  some nights you are not on late shift,  some weeks you will be counseling etc) but hopefully this gives you a good general idea of what you can expect.








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